Friday, July 30, 2010


Tomorrow my hubby is leaving for Haiti. He will be going with a group from our church and our community group leader. I am so excited that he is getting to go and serve the Lord in a third world country. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not a little nervous for him. He will be gone for a week and he reminded me that this will be the first time since we have been together that we have been separated from each other. I'm going to have to keep myself extra busy this next week. He is going to be staying in the capital at a house that is owned by Thirst No More. On his trip, he will be building a house, doing medical clinics, and visiting orphanages. There are 7 people going with his group so they are going to team up with another group that is already there and work together. The good thing is that he will have a phone at the house and internet so we will be able to talk!! Thank goodness!!! Please keep us in your prayers! I will have lots to blog about when he returns.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Don't you wish you could have someone pick out what you wear everyday?? I do! Last night, I had my good friend Sarah come to my house and put together some outfits for me. I love to shop...especially for clothes. Since school is approaching quickly I thought I would try to save some money and not go buy new clothes but to work with what I have. Sarah is super trendy and is great at putting "different" pieces together. Sometimes she pushes me out of my element a little too much and I just say nope. Overall, we had a pretty successful night. I gave Sarah the reins and she went to work. I let her go to work and I just watched. I wasn't going to try any of the outfits on but I ended up trying them on and had fun doing it! My only request was that most of the outfits had to be practical for school and very few heels. Sarah did very well complying with my request. We put together almost 25 outfits and I still want to do more! Here are some of my "new" favorite outfits that I didn't have to purchase...
Outfit #1: Floral dress, black scrunchy belt, black flat sandals, and a fun black and gold necklace. For the fall I could also wear this dress with black leggings and a black or red cardigan over it. This is definitely a stretch for me, I hope I can pull it off.

Outfit #2: Black and white floral dress, red beaded necklace, black short sleeve cropped cardigan, and red wedges. This outfit is good because it is practical.

Outfit #3: Gray tee, yellow printed skirt, yellow shoes, red, brown, and gold bangles. I wasn't real sure about this but when I put it on I really liked it. I love the color contrast! I definitely haven't been big on tucking my shirts into skirts but I like this look! 

Outfit #4: White tank top, coral ribbed tank, black belt, print skirt, pink sandals, pink and gold bangles, and olive green and gold necklace. I love this outfit because of all of the colors! 

Outfit #5: Floral sleeveless tank, red cardigan, skinny jeans, black peep toe flats, turquoise and gray necklace. I have never been a huge fan of skinny jeans but I love this outfit! I wish it was cooler so I could wear it now!

Outfit #6: Leopard print cardigan, red ruffle tank, skinny jeans, tall cowboy boots, and gold and silver knotted necklace. This is super fun! It is a big stretch for me.

Outfit #7: Red cardigan, red skinny belt, brown leopard skirt, brown ribbed tank top, camel wedges, yellow and gold and silver knotted necklace. Very fun and practical for school!

Outfit #8: White print tank, green cardigan, melon capris, and either silver or yellow sandals. Casual but fun! 

Outfit #9: Black leopard print cardigan, purple polka dot shirt, and black capris or pants. I didn't know what to think about mixing two different prints but I think this works!

Outfit #10: Brown print dress, navy long cardigan, brown cowboy boots. I really like this..I just hope I will wear it! There are my top 10 favorite outfits that Sarah put together for me! 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend was pretty eventful. On Friday, I worked in my classroom all afternoon. I wanted to get a start on putting up posters, re-arranging shelves, organizing supplies, etc. I was pretty productive..still have a lot to do but got everything done that was on my list. Yes, I make lists for everything thanks to my friend Carly. We are list making queens! Friday night I made chicken fajitas and we headed up to First Assembly of God to watch one of Andy's friends band play. It was their first concert and I thought they did good. We are hoping there will be more concerts in the future! After the concert, we went back to his friends house and hung out and played Pop 5. I had never played  this game before but it was a fun. It's very similar to Cranium.    Saturday I went to my mom's house to swim and have brunch. The weather wasn't cooperating very well so I didn't stay long. Late afternoon we went and saw the movie Inception with Brittany, Jonathan, Maggie, and Ben. All of us were excited to see this movie because it has gotten awesome reviews. Andy of course had already seen it but liked it so much he went again. The movie was really good and intense. There were several parts throughout that I didn't follow very well. Overall, everyone really liked it! So if you haven't seen it you should! We all went to eat at Mojitos afterwards. I just love me some mexican food. OHH almost forgot..Andy's truck broke down. Not such a good day for him! He had to have it towed back to our house and it's still not fixed. He is pretty frustrated to say the least. I keep telling him its time to get a new one but he keeps reminding me about having another car payment and I quickly shut my mouth! We don't want another payment so we will keep on fixing Ol'Red. After dinner, we came back home and Andy went straight to work on his truck..I on the other hand crashed on the couch at 9!! For those of you who know me...this shouldn't be a surprise! I don't know why I was so exhausted! This morning we got up and went to church then went to my parents house for hamburgers. I invited some friends over to swim and hang out. It was the perfect day to relax and get some sun! Tonight we have community group at Ben and Louise's house. Then it will be back to work tomorrow....well for Andy that is!! Andy leaves for Haiti this coming Saturday for a mission trip..keep us in your prayers!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More projects

The past couple of weeks Andy and I have been working on some projects. I painted another rug for my classroom. It turned out really cute! I LOVE polka dots, so I chose to go with that for my rug. I used bright colors since my room is pretty bright.

Andy and I have been working on cleaning out our garage so we both can park in it. He had an old bookshelf that we were going to get rid of but instead he built me another smaller bookshelf. He is so handy! He took apart the old bookshelf and cut the boards to make the new smaller one. We sanded all the boards and he put stain on them and put it together. I wish I would have taken some pictures before he started taking the old bookshelf apart but I didn't. Here are some pictures of putting it together

The finished bookshelf!

The bookshelf is in the spare bedroom, I put some things in it yesterday and I love it! Andy also bought me this entry way table that I have been wanting for some time now. I was so excited about it!

I'm hoping to get a lamp to put on it as well! I love it! My hubby is the best! 

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday I went to Oklahoma City to visit my friend Megan and her family. It was a short trip but I was glad I got to spend some time with them. Megan has a two year old named Lindsey and she is adorable. She has gorgeous blonde hair and big brown eyes. She is a talking machine. I just loved getting to see her! While visiting we went to eat at this mexican restaurant. It was $1.00 tacos, so we all got tacos. For four of us our check was $20.00!! I couldn't believe we ate that cheap! It was really good too! Megan talks about this cupcake place called Sara Sara and it just so happened to be right next door. They were having $2 cupcakes!! We got lucky again! We went there after dinner and I bought 3 cupcakes..not all for me! I had to bring some home for my hubby! We also went to Edmond's farmer's market, shopped downtown Edmond, and went to some local shops! I had a great time in my short visit! It was nice to get away for a couple of days!
Lindsey just woke up from a nap

Lindsey wearing the outfit I bought her for her birthday!

The yummy cupcakes...key lime pie, coconut, and chocolate peanut butter!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Belated Father's Day Gift

Andy and I were on vacation during father's day so we missed getting to spend time with our families. This year we decided to do something a little different for my dad. My parents have been remodeling their house and have changed a lot of things. My dad has always liked art and since I've been painting here recently I decided to paint him a canvas. It has taken me a while to get started and finished but this week I finally completed it! I'm so excited! We are going to their house for lunch today and I'm going to take it with me. I hope he likes it!
This is the background of it! It will actually be horizontal but I couldn't figure out how to rotate it.
This is the final product! I think it turned out pretty good!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Barking House

We have had our hands full this week with dogs. My parents left for vacation on Sunday so we have had Ellie all week. Andy's parents have also left for vacation so we also have Simon for the next few weeks. Ellie isn't a very social dog so having another dog here is not going so smoothly. She won't leave my side and she snaps and growls at Simon when he gets close to her. It is quite comical from our viewpoint, however I don't think Ellie thinks its funny. Simon thinks she is wanting to play so he continues to pester her...which just makes things worse. We also have our dog RJ too! Thank goodness he is an outside dog or our house would be chaos. Overall, it has been a pretty fun week with having 3 dogs at our house, BUT I don't think this week has made me want to have an inside dog. Simon is potty trained but Ellie is not. She has had a few accidents in the house, which doesn't make Andy very happy! My parents get back from vacation tomorrow so Ellie will get to go home, and believe me I know she is ready! Simon will be with us for a couple more weeks! For those of you who have inside dogs and more than one...bless you!! I don't think it is for us! Even though, they are pretty sweet dogs!
Ellie...she is a miniature Yorkie

Simon....a long-haired Chihuahua

RJ...chocolate Lab

Aren't they so cute??? I wish they would be friends!! RJ and Simon get along pretty good, since they lived together for a few years. Ellie on the other hand...not so much. Their days have consisted of sleeping, eating, going outside, sleeping, eating, and going outside. 

Top 10

I just love summer time. There are so many fun things you can do. Here are my top 10 favorite things to do in summer.

1. Go to farmer's market

2. Swim/lay out

3. Grill out with friends

4. Gator golf

5. Homemade ice cream

6. Sweet Tea is especially good in summer

7. Traveling

8. Off work

9. Drive-in

10. Sno cones

What are some of your favorites??

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Andy and I had a cookout/swim party at my parents house. They went on vacation so we decided it would be fun to have some friends over. I was really nervous that it was going to rain and ruin the cookout but we lucked out! Our friends got to the house late afternoon and we swam, ate, swam, and ate some more. It wouldn't be a holiday without a lot of food. We had steaks, pork chops, baked beans, potatoes, grilled squash and zuchinni, apple pie, homemade chocolate chip ice cream, and brownies. I don't think we ran out of food! The boys had the most fun in the pool. They played some basketball as well as running on the mats. I have a picture of that so you will know what I mean.
Jonathan chillin in the pool


Jonathan running on the mats, they did this a lot!

Here goes Clayton...

Andy taking a face dive

We shot off our own fireworks in the street. We didn't have any huge ones but we still had fun. Here is one that was my favorite! We had a great time celebrating the 4th with friends!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Morning=Farmer's Market

This morning Andy and I got up and went to the farmer's market on the Fayetteville square. We took our dog, RJ. It was his first time and I have to say he was a very well behaved dog. I just love going to the market and buying flowers and fresh produce. Today we bought onions, squash, zucchini, potatoes, and tomatoes. There were a lot of people there and they were all gawking at RJ. He is a very big dog for a lab, so everyone was coming up to us and asking us what kind of dog he was. We had a great time and I think we are going to make this an every Saturday morning event! If you haven't gone this year you must!! We are off to my parents for lunch! Enjoy your Saturday!