Monday, August 22, 2011

Since I posted the razorback wreath on facebook I have received a lot of comments about it! I really didn't think  people would like it and want me to make one for them! I just thought it was a cute wreath! I have been busy busy making the wreaths! Here are a couple that I have made so far:
This is probably my favorite! I made this for a friend of mine to hang in her Arkansas room. LOVE it!
This one is for my friend who is an OSU alum. I'm going to get an "O" and paint it to hang in the middle. Super fun! More to come.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Razorback Craft

Last night I had a craft night at my house with 2 of my friends. The boys were having a movie night so I decided this would be a good night for crafting. Razorback football is right around the corner so I wanted to make something I could hang on my door. I found a tutorial on how to make a ribbon wreath and decided that was what I wanted to do. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a foam wreath, t-pins, and ribbon. That is all you need to make the wreath..pretty simple right? After picking out the ribbon we cut it into strips. Then you fold the ribbon and put t-pin in it and stick into wreath. I love how it turned out! It was pretty time consuming but well worth it!
Some of the ribbon I used..all red, white, and black
Beginning to add the ribbons
Almost complete just missing one thing...
Finished Razorback ribbon wreath! I just needed to add something in the middle. I got that plaque for Christmas one year and decided that it would go great in my wreath! I love how it turned out! I'm ready to call those HOGS!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


For those of you who know me well..know that I like to change up things in my house frequently. I havent really been happy with our living room decor ever since we got our new furniture. I thought I would like only using brown, cream, blue, and green.! I got tired of those colors and needed to see more variety! I bought new pillows from Pier1 that has more colors first. Then I decided to re-do all of the walls in my living room. I have only conquered one wall. The other two are still bare. Here was the before:
Not bad..just still limited on colors..I have now SOLD these to my friend!! YIPPEE! Here is the after:
I know if we painted our walls in the living room it would help too! But..the layout of our living room is weird and we would have to paint a lot! So here is the finished product! I love open back frames and I found the green and turquoise at the Station and Daisies and Olives. I already owned the "P" and the wire mirrors. The red frames are actually picture frames that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I am pleased with this new change and love that it brings more color into our living room. One wall down..2 to go! I have also been wanting to finish our master bathroom. I really wanted a cabinet above our toilet but since I haven't gotten that I decided to find something and hang. This is what I came up with:
I bought the red frame and yellow mirror at Daisies and that place! The other wall hanging I bought at the Station. It was hot pink and I spray painted it lime green. I am pretty pleased with the chhhanges so far! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my parents today! They are celebrating 31 years!!
I can't believe they have been married for 31 years!! I am so grateful for these 2 people! They are such a happy couple and I am so grateful for them! They truly have a wonderful marriage and I have learned a lot from them! I am so blessed to have 2 parents who love the Lord and have a marriage that honors him! I love you both so much!! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Countdown Begins...

The countdown begins... I have 4 days left of summer (not including the weekend) before I have to go back to the real world of working. :( I am so not ready to go back to school. Teachers start back next Wednesday and the students start a week from that. So what do you think I have been doing these past few days?? Getting my classroom ready of course! I have been up there a lot! I changed all bulletin boards, added a writing center, added a bench to my library, made crate seats, and organized my books. I am still not finished getting everything ready but I am going to enjoy these next few days and try really hard not to go up there. I have no pictures of my classroom yet but will post some when it is completely finished.