Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall La La La

This past week I started decorating my house for fall. I know its pretty early but I just couldn't wait! We are going to be out of town for 2 weekends in a row in a few weeks so I decided that I better get to decorating before we leave. I have decorated the inside but not by my front door yet, I will hopefully get to that sometime this week. I wish I could say all of these ideas were my own, but unfortunately they are not! There are a few that are but a lot are from the website, Pinterest. If you have never heard of it you should check it out! It is awesome! Here is some pics of my decor:
All of these pictures were taken with my Iphone so they aren't very good. This is on my entry way table. I made the burlap banner.
On one of my side tables. I love the frame with the verse: In all things, Give Thanks! That was a free download on Pinterest.
On another side table, the pumpkin has a sign that says Autumn Welcome
By the fireplace
My mantle! I love love how this turned out! Sorry it is so dark. I have 2 large clear vases filled with pumpkins and sticks and just leaf garland in between them. The vase idea is from Pinterest.
My kitchen table
Close-up of place setting
Tray on my ottoman. I put burlap in the bottom of tray to add another texture. Love this too! That is all for the inside of the house. I will post more pics when the outside is finished! 

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ever since we bought our house I have wanted cabinets in our laundry room. I don't quite understand why the builder didn't put any in when building the house. There was definitely plenty of space for some. So last weekend Andy and I made a trip to Lowes to look at some cabinets. We found some unfinished ones that we liked and they were on sale, so I pushed a little harder to purchase them! I know he was tired of hearing me complain about not having any, so he gave in. :) Since Andy is so handy I knew he could paint and hang them in no time. We bought two cabinets to put on the ends of the wall and some boards to put in the middle for shelves. Andy finished it today and I am so excited. Who knew I would get excited about having cabinets and shelves in the laundry room! Here are some pics of the process:
Here is the cabinet before painting them 
Cabinet painted white and ready to be hung
Before shot of the laundry room..
Almost finished!
Here it is! I'm going to get some baskets to put on the shelves for storage purposes. I'm kind of wishing we would have painted the walls :( Oh well! I'm so glad my husband can and will do anything for me. I sure do love him a lot! 


Last night I helped a friend with a craft project. She had bought an old window and wanted to put fabric in the glass part. I loved this idea but wasn't sure how we were going to make the fabric stick to the glass. We first tried to staple the fabric and that didn't work so then we tried hot glue. It worked really well! Maggie and I both helped Lauren pick out the fabric to use and I love love how it turned out. I'm really wanting to do one of these in my living room. It wasn't a very expensive project and not very time consuming. I may be hunting for a window! Here is the final project:
I just love all of the colors and I think they all compliment each other really well! This was a super fun project and I am so glad I got to help Lauren with it!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

In one month...

In one month I will be going here:
Chicago Illinois
CHICAGO!!! I am super excited to get to return to this fun city! My mom and I are going to fly up to Chicago to see one of my good friends and her sweet baby girl! I went to Chicago a few summers ago with Andy and we had such a great time. It is by far one of my favorite cities! My mom has never been so she is even more excited! We are going for a weekend so we are going to have to pack in a lot of things in a short amount of time. I'm sure we will do some shopping, eating, sightseeing, and loving on Sarah's sweet baby girl Hadley. I am already counting down the days!