Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Continued...

On Christmas day we had my mom's side of the family over to our house for Christmas. It was our first time to host Christmas! It was a lot of fun! I especially enjoyed setting the table with everyone's names and I made ornaments to go on their plates too!
The table
Place setting
Andy and I were in charge of making the main dish for breakfast and we made omelets. They were really good! We also had potatoes, fruit, and cinnamon rolls. 
My dad's omelet...Andy did a good job on making them
The tree with lots of presents!
With my mom's family we always do stockings. These are our stockings stuffed with all kinds of goodies. We always open them first, then we open our gifts one at a time. We had a great Christmas and enjoyed spending time with our families! However, it always goes by way too fast! I'll leave you with some pictures of opening presents.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crafting for Christmas

I did a lot of crafting this year for Christmas presents. I made ornaments, plates, signs, etc. Here are some of my craft projects
I made this canvas for my aunt. 
I actually didn't make this...Andy did! It was for my mom...she has been wanting one for a while so I had Andy make it for Christmas. It is already hanging in her kitchen!
I made everyone on my mom's side ornaments. Andy and I hosted Christmas at our house this year for the first time! These ornaments were on their plates at the table. The boys got polka dot and the girls got stripes.
I also made some plates for my mother-in-law and my aunt. I loved these!
This was for my mother-in-law. I ordered the vinyl letter online, put it on then made the bow and hot glued it to the plate.
My aunt's...I love the leopard and brown!
This was a platter I put the letter on for my grandma! Super cute! I had so much fun making these gifts this year! I hope everyone liked them!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Andy and I celebrated Christmas Eve at his parents house and then went to his aunt's house. We made it to his parents house around 2 and opened gifts. Of course we loved our gifts!!! MONEY!! Who doesn't like getting money??? We also got gift cards to our favorite stores...Francescas for me and Academy for Andy. Andy's dad got his mom an Xbox Kinect. She was super surprised and we all wanted to hook it up and play it. He also surprised her with a new tv to play the Kinect on!! Andy, Mitch, and Randy all hooked up the tv and the Kinect. I had never seen how the Kinect worked so I was super excited! Needless to say...I was not disappointed. The boys had so much fun and played on it for a while. 
 Andy and Mitch playing the Kinect
Andy and I in front of his mom's Christmas tree
After we finished opening our gifts and playing the Kinect, we headed to Andy's aunts house. We had a ton of food!! We also opened gifts over there! It was fun to see the little ones open their gifts and play with them. Dylan got a CD player and 2 cd's, he listened to them for the rest of the night. Hope got a puppy dog that barks and is on leash. Super cute! It didn't leave her sight! 
Dylan helping pass out presents
Hope with her puppy that she named Paws!
Hope walking Paws!!
Andy, Me, Mitch, and Brittany watching the kids open their presents!
Steve had a birthday cake for Baby Jesus. We all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and then Erin and Hope blew out the candles.
We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!! I will be posting more pictures of my family's Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The square

Last night Andy and I went to dinner with Lindsey and Grayson at Noodles. Every year the four of us go to dinner around Christmas time and then go to the Fayetteville square to look at the lights and take pictures. We always tend to pick the coldest nights to go up there too! It was quite chilly last night!
The carriage ride...haven't done this yet but will someday!
I love this picture of us in front of the A. After we left the square we went to have ice cream at my favorite place on Dickson...Orange Leaf! It was yummy!! I had strawberry and vanilla with sprinkles and heath bar.
I can't believe Christmas is almost here! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Secret Santa

This past week I organized a Secret Santa for the faculty at school. Over 30 teachers participated and it was a blast!! I had each teacher fill out a quick information sheet about what they like such as candles, restaurant, book, magazines, etc. Then I went around and had each teacher draw a number and then gave them the sheet of the person that they drew. Every day of the last week of school each teacher had to give a gift. The limit was $20.00 for the week. On Friday they revealed to their person! I heard so many positive comments about Secret Santa and I'm so glad all of the teachers enjoyed it. For my teacher this is what I did:
I did a magazine, candy, and Sonic drink (no picture)
$5.00 Chick Fil A gift card
A Christmas kitchen towel and antibacterial soap
A candle
For the big reveal, I made a picture frame and put my picture in it! I also added a scarf!! She loved it! She came down to my room and was squealing!! 
And here is what my Secret Santa got me:
A Christmas mug with hot chocolate (perfect for a cold day)
Nail polish, nail file, and hand lotion (I do need a pedicure)
Thank you cards and warm fuzzy socks( I love any kind of notecard and the socks are a bonus)

Sonic drink-cranberry limeade and peppermint bark..my FAV!!
I got a poinsetta (so pretty) and a Christmas scrapbooking kit!! I hope to work on scrapbooking over the break! I loved all of my gifts and had so much fun! It made our last week of school so exciting!