Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Andy and I celebrated Christmas Eve at his parents house and then went to his aunt's house. We made it to his parents house around 2 and opened gifts. Of course we loved our gifts!!! MONEY!! Who doesn't like getting money??? We also got gift cards to our favorite stores...Francescas for me and Academy for Andy. Andy's dad got his mom an Xbox Kinect. She was super surprised and we all wanted to hook it up and play it. He also surprised her with a new tv to play the Kinect on!! Andy, Mitch, and Randy all hooked up the tv and the Kinect. I had never seen how the Kinect worked so I was super excited! Needless to say...I was not disappointed. The boys had so much fun and played on it for a while. 
 Andy and Mitch playing the Kinect
Andy and I in front of his mom's Christmas tree
After we finished opening our gifts and playing the Kinect, we headed to Andy's aunts house. We had a ton of food!! We also opened gifts over there! It was fun to see the little ones open their gifts and play with them. Dylan got a CD player and 2 cd's, he listened to them for the rest of the night. Hope got a puppy dog that barks and is on leash. Super cute! It didn't leave her sight! 
Dylan helping pass out presents
Hope with her puppy that she named Paws!
Hope walking Paws!!
Andy, Me, Mitch, and Brittany watching the kids open their presents!
Steve had a birthday cake for Baby Jesus. We all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and then Erin and Hope blew out the candles.
We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!! I will be posting more pictures of my family's Christmas!

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