Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Driving, eating, football, and shopping

This past weekend Andy and I went to Branson with our community group. We went last year and decided we should go back this year. There were 4 couples that went and we stayed at a lodge in Stonebridge. It was so much fun! The lodge was superb!! It had a full kitchen, living room, screened deck, and 4 bedrooms with their own bathrooms.
This was the front of the lodge..so pretty
One of the bedrooms..each bedroom had a king size bed and a full bathroom
The kitchen and dining table
Living room
It was even decorated for Christmas!! The lodge was perfect for our weekend getaway!! When we got there on Friday night we grilled hamburgers and played Partini. I'm not a fan!! Whitney told me that I would like it and let me just say she was wrong! It was still fun...just not my kind of game. After Partini the boys and Whitney played poker while the rest of us went to bed. We got up on Saturday and made breakfast and then the girls went shopping!! We shopped for about 4 hours then had some lunch and went back to the lodge. The boys were watching the Auburn game and I watched a little of it then decided it was time to go shop again, so Whitney and I headed to the Landing for some more shopping. She definitely did better than me. I think she finished all of her shopping!! I wish I could say that. After we were shopped out we met the group at Landry's for dinner. I don't have any group pictures but I have a picture of each couple.
Clay and Whitney
Ben and Louise
Brian and Megan
Andy's parents were also in Branson so they joined us for dinner...Sandy and Randy. We had a great time this weekend!!

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