Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crafting for Christmas

I did a lot of crafting this year for Christmas presents. I made ornaments, plates, signs, etc. Here are some of my craft projects
I made this canvas for my aunt. 
I actually didn't make this...Andy did! It was for my mom...she has been wanting one for a while so I had Andy make it for Christmas. It is already hanging in her kitchen!
I made everyone on my mom's side ornaments. Andy and I hosted Christmas at our house this year for the first time! These ornaments were on their plates at the table. The boys got polka dot and the girls got stripes.
I also made some plates for my mother-in-law and my aunt. I loved these!
This was for my mother-in-law. I ordered the vinyl letter online, put it on then made the bow and hot glued it to the plate.
My aunt's...I love the leopard and brown!
This was a platter I put the letter on for my grandma! Super cute! I had so much fun making these gifts this year! I hope everyone liked them!

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