Saturday, July 17, 2010

More projects

The past couple of weeks Andy and I have been working on some projects. I painted another rug for my classroom. It turned out really cute! I LOVE polka dots, so I chose to go with that for my rug. I used bright colors since my room is pretty bright.

Andy and I have been working on cleaning out our garage so we both can park in it. He had an old bookshelf that we were going to get rid of but instead he built me another smaller bookshelf. He is so handy! He took apart the old bookshelf and cut the boards to make the new smaller one. We sanded all the boards and he put stain on them and put it together. I wish I would have taken some pictures before he started taking the old bookshelf apart but I didn't. Here are some pictures of putting it together

The finished bookshelf!

The bookshelf is in the spare bedroom, I put some things in it yesterday and I love it! Andy also bought me this entry way table that I have been wanting for some time now. I was so excited about it!

I'm hoping to get a lamp to put on it as well! I love it! My hubby is the best! 

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