Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Don't you wish you could have someone pick out what you wear everyday?? I do! Last night, I had my good friend Sarah come to my house and put together some outfits for me. I love to shop...especially for clothes. Since school is approaching quickly I thought I would try to save some money and not go buy new clothes but to work with what I have. Sarah is super trendy and is great at putting "different" pieces together. Sometimes she pushes me out of my element a little too much and I just say nope. Overall, we had a pretty successful night. I gave Sarah the reins and she went to work. I let her go to work and I just watched. I wasn't going to try any of the outfits on but I ended up trying them on and had fun doing it! My only request was that most of the outfits had to be practical for school and very few heels. Sarah did very well complying with my request. We put together almost 25 outfits and I still want to do more! Here are some of my "new" favorite outfits that I didn't have to purchase...
Outfit #1: Floral dress, black scrunchy belt, black flat sandals, and a fun black and gold necklace. For the fall I could also wear this dress with black leggings and a black or red cardigan over it. This is definitely a stretch for me, I hope I can pull it off.

Outfit #2: Black and white floral dress, red beaded necklace, black short sleeve cropped cardigan, and red wedges. This outfit is good because it is practical.

Outfit #3: Gray tee, yellow printed skirt, yellow shoes, red, brown, and gold bangles. I wasn't real sure about this but when I put it on I really liked it. I love the color contrast! I definitely haven't been big on tucking my shirts into skirts but I like this look! 

Outfit #4: White tank top, coral ribbed tank, black belt, print skirt, pink sandals, pink and gold bangles, and olive green and gold necklace. I love this outfit because of all of the colors! 

Outfit #5: Floral sleeveless tank, red cardigan, skinny jeans, black peep toe flats, turquoise and gray necklace. I have never been a huge fan of skinny jeans but I love this outfit! I wish it was cooler so I could wear it now!

Outfit #6: Leopard print cardigan, red ruffle tank, skinny jeans, tall cowboy boots, and gold and silver knotted necklace. This is super fun! It is a big stretch for me.

Outfit #7: Red cardigan, red skinny belt, brown leopard skirt, brown ribbed tank top, camel wedges, yellow and gold and silver knotted necklace. Very fun and practical for school!

Outfit #8: White print tank, green cardigan, melon capris, and either silver or yellow sandals. Casual but fun! 

Outfit #9: Black leopard print cardigan, purple polka dot shirt, and black capris or pants. I didn't know what to think about mixing two different prints but I think this works!

Outfit #10: Brown print dress, navy long cardigan, brown cowboy boots. I really like this..I just hope I will wear it! There are my top 10 favorite outfits that Sarah put together for me! 


  1. I always dress so plain because I just don't have the confidence to put together bold or trendy outfits--but I always think they look so cute on other people! I like the new outfits! Impressive that you didn't have to do any shopping. (c:

  2. Great idea! The last outfit is my favorite. You've got me thinking of what I could do....hmm.....