Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday I went to Oklahoma City to visit my friend Megan and her family. It was a short trip but I was glad I got to spend some time with them. Megan has a two year old named Lindsey and she is adorable. She has gorgeous blonde hair and big brown eyes. She is a talking machine. I just loved getting to see her! While visiting we went to eat at this mexican restaurant. It was $1.00 tacos, so we all got tacos. For four of us our check was $20.00!! I couldn't believe we ate that cheap! It was really good too! Megan talks about this cupcake place called Sara Sara and it just so happened to be right next door. They were having $2 cupcakes!! We got lucky again! We went there after dinner and I bought 3 cupcakes..not all for me! I had to bring some home for my hubby! We also went to Edmond's farmer's market, shopped downtown Edmond, and went to some local shops! I had a great time in my short visit! It was nice to get away for a couple of days!
Lindsey just woke up from a nap

Lindsey wearing the outfit I bought her for her birthday!

The yummy cupcakes...key lime pie, coconut, and chocolate peanut butter!

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  1. Mmmmmm yum!!!!! I'm craving cupcakes now! Glad you had fun!