Thursday, July 8, 2010

Barking House

We have had our hands full this week with dogs. My parents left for vacation on Sunday so we have had Ellie all week. Andy's parents have also left for vacation so we also have Simon for the next few weeks. Ellie isn't a very social dog so having another dog here is not going so smoothly. She won't leave my side and she snaps and growls at Simon when he gets close to her. It is quite comical from our viewpoint, however I don't think Ellie thinks its funny. Simon thinks she is wanting to play so he continues to pester her...which just makes things worse. We also have our dog RJ too! Thank goodness he is an outside dog or our house would be chaos. Overall, it has been a pretty fun week with having 3 dogs at our house, BUT I don't think this week has made me want to have an inside dog. Simon is potty trained but Ellie is not. She has had a few accidents in the house, which doesn't make Andy very happy! My parents get back from vacation tomorrow so Ellie will get to go home, and believe me I know she is ready! Simon will be with us for a couple more weeks! For those of you who have inside dogs and more than one...bless you!! I don't think it is for us! Even though, they are pretty sweet dogs!
Ellie...she is a miniature Yorkie

Simon....a long-haired Chihuahua

RJ...chocolate Lab

Aren't they so cute??? I wish they would be friends!! RJ and Simon get along pretty good, since they lived together for a few years. Ellie on the other hand...not so much. Their days have consisted of sleeping, eating, going outside, sleeping, eating, and going outside. 

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