Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend was pretty eventful. On Friday, I worked in my classroom all afternoon. I wanted to get a start on putting up posters, re-arranging shelves, organizing supplies, etc. I was pretty productive..still have a lot to do but got everything done that was on my list. Yes, I make lists for everything thanks to my friend Carly. We are list making queens! Friday night I made chicken fajitas and we headed up to First Assembly of God to watch one of Andy's friends band play. It was their first concert and I thought they did good. We are hoping there will be more concerts in the future! After the concert, we went back to his friends house and hung out and played Pop 5. I had never played  this game before but it was a fun. It's very similar to Cranium.    Saturday I went to my mom's house to swim and have brunch. The weather wasn't cooperating very well so I didn't stay long. Late afternoon we went and saw the movie Inception with Brittany, Jonathan, Maggie, and Ben. All of us were excited to see this movie because it has gotten awesome reviews. Andy of course had already seen it but liked it so much he went again. The movie was really good and intense. There were several parts throughout that I didn't follow very well. Overall, everyone really liked it! So if you haven't seen it you should! We all went to eat at Mojitos afterwards. I just love me some mexican food. OHH almost forgot..Andy's truck broke down. Not such a good day for him! He had to have it towed back to our house and it's still not fixed. He is pretty frustrated to say the least. I keep telling him its time to get a new one but he keeps reminding me about having another car payment and I quickly shut my mouth! We don't want another payment so we will keep on fixing Ol'Red. After dinner, we came back home and Andy went straight to work on his truck..I on the other hand crashed on the couch at 9!! For those of you who know me...this shouldn't be a surprise! I don't know why I was so exhausted! This morning we got up and went to church then went to my parents house for hamburgers. I invited some friends over to swim and hang out. It was the perfect day to relax and get some sun! Tonight we have community group at Ben and Louise's house. Then it will be back to work tomorrow....well for Andy that is!! Andy leaves for Haiti this coming Saturday for a mission trip..keep us in your prayers!


  1. Hey--sorry I haven't been by--somehow you got taken off of my blog roll. Now you are back on so I can stay in the know!! Glad you had a good weekend! We want to see inception!

  2. Sounds like y'all had a great weekend! Do u like Mojitos? My only experience ever was not fantastic! Can't wait to see Inception now!