Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break re-cap

This spring break was quite different from any other spring break. We had to go to school on Monday and Tuesday to make up some of the snow days. I wasn't opposed to the idea because Andy and I didn't have plans but I was a little sad to know that my spring break would be shortened. On Wednesday, I took a day trip to Branson with my friend Ashley. We drove up there that morning and shopped and came back that evening. It was nice to just get away for the day. Thursday my friend Brandi came up from Little Rock and we spent the day shopping! We went to dinner with a friend from our community group that Brandi hadn't seen in a while. All the guys were at our house watching basketball. IT was so good to get to see her and catch up! Friday, mom took off and we hung out in the afternoon. We did a little shopping and then I helped her decorate their bathroom. They just painted their bedroom and bathroom, so she was needing some new decor. We focused more on the bathroom and went to Hobby Lobby and bought some things. I have a few pictures of some of the items that we came up with. Once all of the bedroom and bathroom are complete I will post pictures of it.
She had some curtains made out of this fabric and had some fabric left over so I decided we should cover a couple of canvases in the same fabric.
This is one of the canvases that I covered in the left over fabric. I can't wait to see what it looks like hung on their wall. My dad found an antique chair that he wanted to re-paint and recover the cushion. He painted the chair red and I recovered the cushion in this black and white damask.
I didn't know if I would have a hard time doing it but it was pretty easy. I will have to get a picture of the whole chair all put together! I love to decorate so I had a great time helping mom on Friday. Friday night, I went to dinner with my friend Lindsey and she came over and helped me finish this...
This is a burlap and fabric wreath. Lindsey and her sister made one and I knew I would want one. I had all of circles cut out so all Lindsey had to do was help me place and glue them onto the wreath. Right now it is hanging on my front door for Spring. I will eventually bring it inside and use it as a center piece on my kitchen table. Saturday we ate lunch with some friends and then headed to Bella Vista for the couples shower. Today I am going to REST! Even though I didn't go anywhere for spring break I haven't had any down time. So today I'm going to finish laundry, report cards, and just watch some movies. I can't believe spring break is already over and I go back to school tomorrow! 

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