Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bye Bye

This week our school district decided to vote to make up some of our snow days. I wasn't surprised by this decision because we have missed so many days (10 to be exact). We had 3 options to vote on. 1. Come 2 days on Spring Break and 2 Saturdays 2. Come 2 Saturdays 3. Come 2 days of Spring Break I wasn't really thrilled with any of these options but since I'm not going anywhere for Spring Break I decided to vote to come the first two days of Spring Break. There was no way I was voting for a Saturday!! All the votes were counted and we are saying bye bye to 2 days of Spring Break. We will go to school on that Monday and Tuesday and will be off  the rest of the week. :( I'm not thrilled but it could be worse (coming on Saturdays). So while all of you are on your nice week long vacations at the beach, I will be teaching my kiddos. Try not to rub it in :) I hope you have enjoyed this lovely weather we have been having...I think its about to change :(

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