Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day + Craft Day

I have another snow day!! The snow is coming down thick and I love sitting by the fire wrapped up in a blanket. Since today is the first day of February I decided to go ahead and decorate my kitchen table for Valentines Day. This is the first time to decorate it for this holiday and I didn't go all out since it won't be up very long! I decided to not put my dishes out so I just added a table runner instead.
Table from the corner
Glass square vase with conversation hearts and red candle
Red Vase with white peony's and pink roses. This was my first flower arrangement and I know its not much but I was proud of it! I have also decided to go ahead and put my valentines together for my students. I bought the Valentines, added an eraser, pencil, candy, and bouncy ball. This particular valentine is for a girl.
Yesterday, my co-workers and I were trying to come up with an idea for a Valentine card for our students to make for their parents. My friend Carly had a really good idea to take their picture holding a poster that said I, another love, and finally you. She was going to make the three posters and take their picture holding each one. Then put the pictures in some kind of tri-fold card. I thought that was such a cute idea I had to share with my co-workers. We decided to still do a picture but not just like Carly's. I am in the process of making the poster right now. We are only going to have one poster that says LoVE. The O will be cut out and the student will put their face in it and we will take a picture. When we get the pictures developed the students will just glue their picture onto a folded cardstock paper and write a message inside. I'm pretty excited about it!! I think it will be super cute! Here is what I have done so far:
This is a white poster board covered with scrapbook paper
These are the letters that I cut out, they will not be green
I'm covering each letter with black glitter, except for the o. I will just glue it on and will cut out around it. I'm pretty excited! I think it will turn out cute! I will post a picture when it is completely finished! I'm also going to spray paint a lamp later today too! I will post pictures of that when I finish! Here is what it looks like at my house right now...
I took this about 25 minutes ago...now it is snowing harder and the flakes are huge! Hope you enjoy your snow day!

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