Thursday, September 30, 2010


So...last weekend our good friends Nick and Brandi came to visit. They just recently moved to Little Rock and we were so excited to see them! However, we think moving back to Little Rock has done them more harm than good. We were all sitting in the living room after the game Saturday night and Nick brings up this bracelet called a power band. None of us had ever heard of it. He says it helps with balance and that he tried one on and could really tell a difference. We were all like whatever!! He was like no seriously it does....I ordered one from Ebay for $1.66. We really laughed then! Anyway...somehow we get on the topic of the equinox. I'm pretty sure Brandi brought it up. I had never heard of it before, she said its on the first day of fall when there is the same amount of sunlight as darkness. That day would have been last Wednesday, she said that during that time you can stand a broom up by itself. We were all very skeptical and did not believe her. So since it was just a few days prior to Saturday we decided to go get a broom and try it....and it WORKED!! I could not believe it! It was so weird! Whitney went and got her broom and hers stayed up much better than mine. Of course I have proof of this event....
Here it is the broom standing on its own.....
Proving that I'm not touching it..
Whitney...looks pretty scared! We had a great time experimenting with the brooms! Nick did get his power band in and sent us a picture of him balancing! Pretty hilarious! Hope you have a great weekend, we are off to Kansas City for a Nascar race.

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  1. That is crazy! I've never heard that before...apparently it is true, though!