Saturday, February 20, 2010


I don't know if I have posted any pictures of our dog, RJ. He is a chocolate lab and is huge. If he stands up he is taller than me, I know thats not saying much but he really is huge for a lab. RJ was Andy's dog and lived at his parents house until we got married. After we got married, we moved RJ to our house. It was a tough transition at first, he chewed on the bottom of our fence just after we had put it up. Andy had to replace the panels not once but twice. Since then we have gotten smarter and put a metal panel at the bottom, so he has yet to chew through that. RJ is a great dog, hardly barks, and is very calm. We have loved having him at our house. Our good friends, Nick and Brandi, went home for the weekend and asked if their dog Macy could stay with us. We said, of course! So RJ and Macy have become fast friends. She is also a chocolate lab but not as big as RJ. She has hurt her hip and has been limping around but so far she has been great! Here they are.
RJ and Macy waiting on a treat

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  1. Hey Ms. White-uh-Wages.:)

    I'm excited to stumble on your blog. Hope all is well with ya'll!