Monday, February 1, 2010

Decorating Fun

I have always liked to decorate but never really had anything to decorate. THAT has all changed now that I have my own house. I never really felt that I was good at decorating but have always liked doing it. Over Christmas break I got together with my aunt, grandmother, and mother for their help on my house. They all have an eye for decorating and taught me a lot. I have several projects that I have been working on. As much as I would like to take the credit for these ideas I can't. Most of what you will see came from someone else and I just tweeked it to fit our house. Have you ever had trouble finding pictures to hang? I definitely had that problem. I came across a picture in a store (Glo) that I fell in love with. I asked where they got it, and they said they made it. It was fabric covered over a canvas. I thought that was a GENIUS idea! So I implemented that into my house in several places. Below you will see a 3 fabric canvas hanging and a 6 fabric canvas hanging. I bought the fabric and stapled it to the canvas. You can buy the canvases already made at Hobby Lobby (which is more expensive) or you can buy the wood frame and glue it together and you don't even need the canvas part (much cheaper) also at Hobby Lobby.
Do you hate those wall mirrors in your bathroom? Well I have an idea for you! How about leaning a framed mirror against the wall mirror. I did this in our master bathroom. I also mounted a framed mirror onto the wall mirror in our guest bathroom. So easy and unique.
I was a little nervous about this change but so excited! We decided to paint stripes on one wall in our guest bedroom. My husband is very handy and measured the stripes out perfectly on our wall. We painted them 2 different shades of green. We wanted something different and fun in this room, I think the stripes did just that.
Do you hate how your shower curtain looks so bare? I don't like seeing the rod or the hooks. My aunt is so creative and came up with this idea to make a curtain top to go over it. She did it in her bathroom and it looked awesome. She used 3 different prints whereas I only have 2 different prints. The brown solid is actually a shower curtain and the top is the curtain that she made for me. It makes the shower curtain look so much better and taller. I love this!

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  1. Yay! I am glad you caved into peer pressure! Now I can be in the know! Haha.