Sunday, October 30, 2011

Murder Mystery Dinner-80's Style

Last night we went to our first murder mystery dinner. Everyone in our community group was invited and it was so much fun! The theme was 80's and everyone was assigned a specific part. I got the part of Lany Lou Metton, an Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast who was also a kleptomaniac. I was pretty excited about this part, except for figuring out what to wear. I was hoping to find a leotard but that didn't work out. I think I found a pretty good outfit though!
I bought the shorts, tank, and flag appliques. I had a the gold medal and borrowed the flag from my parents. My good friend and neighbor Whitney did my makeup. Andy didn't have a specific part so he got to dress up however he wanted. We went for the Maverick look in Top Gun. 
I found this flight suit at Cheap Thrills and was pumped! It was a little small so that is why he tied the arms at his waist. He had the aviators and the dog tags are my dad's. Once we got to the party, we had to switch over into our character. I was unsure of how this would all work but it went really well. It was about a 2 hour party and we had appetizers, dinner, and dessert. We mingled with the other guests to try and figure out whodunit! Here are some of the other guests at the party!
Base Squealey-Rocker

Ivan Pingmold-CEO of Baqua Net Hairspray
Polly Pingmold-Antisocial Wannabe Prom Queen

She didn't have a specific part, so she was a groupie!

Cat Fenafar- Pop Guitarist
Melinda Parnile-Lead Singer of The No No's
Jamey Kakker-Television Evangelist

Kelly Goobalo-Narcoleptic Ballerina and Mogwai Farmer
Turbozone Goobalo-Wannabe Famous Break Dancer
These were just some of the guests at the party. We were given several clues throughout the night to figure out the murder. The victim of the crime was Bo Pontana-NFL Quarterback. He choked on a spoon and died. The murderer ended up being Polly Pingmold. We had a great time at the party! Everyone did a really good job of getting into their character and the costumes were great! Here are two pictures of the girls and guys. 

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