Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend was super busy but so much fun! My friend Carly and her husband came up on Saturday to spend the day and go to the Hog baseball game. I hadn't seen her since January so I was super glad to catch up with her. We hung around town and shopped a little.  Saturday night we went to the Hog game and had so much fun. Our seats were not very good but we still enjoyed the game.
Carly and I in our matching shirts and aviators..we didn't plan it, I promise! I think we look a little like sisters..what do you think?
Carly and her husband Dustin
Andy and I
The only picture I took at the ballgame. Oh well! They ended up losing in the last couple of innings :( On Sunday we celebrated our mother's, Robin and Sandy. We had lunch with my family at the Blessings. It was a buffet with lots of yummy food. We took some pictures of the fam afterwards.
My beautiful mom and I
My family! Don't you love that face Andy is making?? He hates taking pictures and the sun was definitely a problem for him
My mom and her mom
Grandma with her grandkids..Drake is 13 and he is taller than both of us!
Dad, Grandma, Mom, Me, and Andy. I am so grateful for a wonderful mother who loves me unconditionally and is always there for me! We have had a rough start to our year and I know we couldn't have made it without each other! I love her so very much! I'm also blessed to have such an amazing family! Sunday night Andy and I went to his parents house and made dinner for his parents. We made sweet potatoes, hamburgers with veggies, salad, and strawberry pie. We took no pictures at their house :( I do have this picture of us from  Christmas! 
Brittany, Mitch, Sandy, Randy, Andy, and Me. I am so blessed to have great in-laws! They really love us and take care of us! It means a lot to me and I know it does to Andy. We couldn't ask for better families! We love them so much and are so grateful for all that they do for us. 

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