Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another year older

This past Thursday was my 27th birthday...nothing out of the ordinary happened just another year older. I don't feel any older and the excitement of having a birthday has dwindled down. It stinks getting older! However, I did get to celebrate my birthday with friends and family. On Thursday my co-workers bought me a gift card to Riffraff, a cake from Rick's, and lunch from Chick Fil A.
My cake :) My kids were super sweet to me and sang to me 2 or 3 times throughout the day. My homeroom mom is super creative and made this sundae cup for me.
It's peanuts with sprinkles on them glued onto a glass with peanut M&Ms in it. Isn't that a cute idea? I love it! Andy and I went to dinner at Herman's with his parents Thursday night. I love me some Herman's! I didn't want petit fours or a cake this year. I wanted him to make me a strawberry pie and he did! It was a huge hit with the family!
On Friday night we went out with my mom's family. I picked Monte Ne Inn...its by far one of my favorite places to eat! I didn't eat much lunch so I could eat lots of fried chicken and boy did I! After dinner we came back to our house and I opened my gifts. I got gift cards, money, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. These were a few of my gifts that I received:
Diamond necklace from my dad!! I love it!
The placemats were from my good friend, Lindsey. The wicker chargers, napkins, and napkin rings were from Pier 1. I got a gift certificate and bought those things! I also bought a new kitchen rug! 
My grandma made these pillows for me! I am going to put them outside in our chairs under the umbrella. 
I love any kind of bag especially if it has my initials or name on it. This bag was from my mom and it is huge! I love it! These were just some of the gifts I received! Thank you to my friends and family for making my birthday special!

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