Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sick Day

Today, I am at home resting and trying to get over this sinus infection. I started feeling bad on Monday and made it the whole day at school. When I woke up on Tuesday was ten times worse than on Monday. My head hurt, my throat hurt, coughing like crazy, and stuffed up nose. I decided to go ahead and go to school, but I was going to make a doctor's appointment for after school. As the day went on I felt worse...I started losing my voice. I also started having chest pains every now and then which I have never had before with this infection. I was pretty sure it was a sinus infection. All my kiddos could tell I didn't feel good. One student said, "You sound like a boy!" That made me feel great!! So I decided to take the day off today and relax and get to feeling better. The doctor gave me an antibiotic which I wasn't super happy about..I would have rather had a shot! I hate taking pills and I'm a pretty big baby about it. I usually ask the pharmacist to give me a smaller pill...well I didn't this time and they are pretty big. I know I'm a huge baby!! I have had to cut them in half and take them. Not fun! Andy was so sweet last night...he made his potato soup and it was perfect! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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