Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kansas City

This past weekend Andy and I went to Kansas City with my parents to watch a NASCAR race. This was my 5th race to go to and Andy's second. We left early on Saturday morning and drove to Kansas City. OF course we had to go shopping! Let me tell ya..Andy was so thrilled about that! He can't stand to shop! I could shop all day. We went to an outdoor mall and went to Dick's Sporting Goods which is by far my favorite sporting goods store. I wish we had one here! Andy did enjoy going in there..he found a bow that he wanted but of course he didn't buy it..he is such a tight wad. We went to the track to pick up our tickets on Saturday afternoon. We went to this other shopping mall after we got our tickets and shopped a little and ate dinner. Andy had been mentioning wanting some cowboy boots. There was a Cavanders in this outlet mall so we went in and he found some!! We bought them and he wanted to wear them to the race...I said No! However, that didn't stop him from wearing them to work on Monday :) Back to the race...we got up early on Sunday and left for the track. It was a very nice track but not as big as the track in Dallas.
View of the track from a distance

The cars doing their practice laps

View of the in-field
Before the race started, we walked around and went to the driver's trailers to look at their merchandise. At the other races, they give a lot of freebies. However, we didn't walk away with very many freebies. My mom was definitely disappointed! We took some pictures at some of the trailers.
Mom and Dad in front of a trailer with the drivers 
Dad all happy in this 2011 was super nice!
Before the race, they had motorcross racers performing tricks on their bikes. It was awesome and nerve wrecking at the same time. I got some really good pictures!
Getting ready to go on the ramp
Flipping in the air
Planning their big finish
Even though my heart was racing and I was so was really fun to watch
Time for the races...
Andy and I ready to watch some racing!! Don't we look cute in our aviator sunglasses??
Getting ready for the green flag..the race was fun but not very exciting. I only think its exciting if there is some action (wrecks) and there weren't any. It started off in the 30s that morning and ended up in the 70s. Andy and I both got a little sun! The race lasted for 3 hours and Greg Biffel won! My driver didn't finish well at all...oh well maybe next time. 

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