Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Celebration Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated Andy's birthday and passing his engineer test. He is an official engineer now! HA! I am so so proud of him! He has worked so hard and it has paid off. I have to brag on him a little bit. His test was on a Friday in April in Little Rock. I took the day off and we spent 2 nights there. He had to be at the test site at 7:15. I took him and dropped him off, brought him lunch at noon and picked him up at 5:45. It was literally an ALL DAY test! I could not have done that! After he was finished we went and celebrated with friends at the restaurant, BRAVO! It was so so good! While we were gone on our mini-vacay to Charlotte he found out that he passed!! If you know Andy he doesn't get too excited about much. I was more excited than he was. There were over 100 people that took the test and only 25 passed! My smart husband was one of them! Now that he has his license he will get a raise and a stamp that he can use on his projects. So exciting!
I know its hard to see, but this is the stamp he will use on projects! We celebrated his birthday and getting his license at his mom's on Saturday. She made him a cake and got an ice cream cake from DQ. She had them put his stamp on the cake! So neat!
Andy with his cake..here is a close-up of the cake:
We had a great time celebrating Andy.His parents live on Lake Brittany in Bella Vista and their neighbors have a pontoon boat. We took the boat out and relaxed on the lake all afternoon! It was so nice! We had a cookout with family and friends that night and had a wonderful time! On Sunday, we celebrated his birthday with my family at Marketplace. After lunch we enjoyed some time by the pool at my parents house. It was a great weekend!

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