Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bright Idea

After school I came straight home before it started hailing really bad. It wasn't too bad but it was enough to scare our dog. The first thing I did was let RJ in because he hates storms! He gets scared and whines. After letting him in I noticed he was shedding really bad. I have been after Andy to brush him for a couple of days. So after the storm let up, I took him outside and began to brush him. I brushed and brushed and brushed. I wasn't making any progress! When Andy got home he took over and he didn't get very far before deciding to do this...
Yes...Andy is vacuuming RJ! What a bright idea! I couldn't pass up this opportunity for a photo op. So I ran into the house and got my phone and took these pictures! Only my husband would think to do this! Whatever works! 


  1. You're not going to believe this, but we did the exact same thing to our dog today!

  2. Oh my gosh!! That is hilarious!