Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School

I can't believe summer is already over :( I start back to school tomorrow with teacher in-service. The students come back on August 19th. I am so not ready to get back to school but it will be nice to get back into a routine. I have been working in my classroom for the past couple of weeks. I didn't change very many things from last year. I don't have a particular theme but my room is decorated with bright colors and polka dots. My classroom library is jungle themed. I did get new curtains this year..I love them! They are so bright and colorful. I love anything personalized and my sign and chair are probably my favorite items in my room.
Director's chair
My neighbor Whitney painted this canvas for me last year! I love it! Here are some more pictures of my classroom.

The rug I painted for my door

My curtains that my wonderful Grandma made. They have circles and diamonds on them. The colors are pink, orange, red, green, blue, purple, and yellow.

Bright and colorful welcome sign
My behavior chart...the students pull a slip for misbehaving, not returning homework, or not being prepared.
This is where the students turn in their work
Posters about the different types of writing
My classroom library
My desk
This is where I put up good work
I post posters of what we are learning about on this bulletin board.
I have no idea why these pictures are so small. Sorry! I can't believe next week I will be starting school. Even though I'm not ready...I am excited to meet my new 3rd graders!

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