Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tis the Season

I just love this time of year! We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with my family on Thanksgiving day and Andy's family on Friday. Since I have a few days off for Thanksgiving break I always decorate for Christmas. This year, I started decorating on Tuesday night. I had my friend, Maggie come over and help me get my trees up and work on my mantle. I am happy how everything turned out, especially my tree! I bought some different mesh this year and wasn't too thrilled about it at first, but it definitely is growing on me.
My tree! This year, I added the large ornaments and did different mesh and ribbon. I bought the large ornaments at Holiday House and am wishing I would have bought more!
This is the tree in my kitchen. This year, I added the white balls and snowflakes. I mostly put up red and white ornaments only. 
I still did the same colors on my dining table as I did last year. Red, white, silver, and black. I added a red table runner this year that I bought from Signed Sealed and Delivered.
This picture isn't very good, I should have had the t.v. off. Maggie did my mesh on my garland and I absolutely love it!! I just wish I could have lights on it, maybe next year.
My front door. My mesh is from last year that my friend Amanda made for me. I added the ornament to the middle of the wreath! I am so ready for Christmas and I just love this time of year!

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