Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Look

This year for Christmas I asked for some gift cards from my family so I could re-decorate my living room. My living room walls have been bare for over 6 months and I was ready to get something on them! I got lots of gift cards to Hobby Lobby, Pier 1, I.O. Metro, and Pottery Barn. I spent one afternoon shopping with my aunt and we bought a lot! I finally feel like it is coming together. I still have one wall that is bare but I know what is going on it! Here is our new look:
Found these mirrors at I.O. Metro. They have barnwood on them, which I love!

All of the pillows with green are new. I bought the two in the back at I.O. and the ruffle pillow at TJ Maxx

I saw this look at Pottery Barn and wanted to try it. I already had the mirror and the plates, so I just had to put it together!

This is by far my favorite in my living room! My aunt came over and helped me organize it all. I love love how it turned out! I used frames, letters, keys, mirrors, initials, and rod iron. It fits the wall perfectly! All I need now is a lamp to go in the corner!

I took down the blinds in the living room and put up roman shades! It is hard to take a picture but you can see it a little. This changed the whole look of the living room! I have had so much fun re-decorating and am so happy with the new changes! I will post more pics when I finish the other 2 walls.

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